About Me


Hello! My name is Ullika and I’ve been an artist and a designer most of my life. My main focus is in interior design and I currently work as a freelance designer for IKEA which I began long ago. However, through the years I branched out into many visual design endeavors and  also started my own company
I discovered polymer clay a year ago after extensive amounts of breadmaking and other culinary adventures (which we all did it seems). A friend of mine had given me a pair of polymer clay earrings for Christmas and I was curious and ordered some clay from one of the local craft stores. I began creating jewelry and adornments and discovered an absolutely delightful, fun and versatile medium. Each piece you find on this website is hand-crafted
and one of a kind, made with love and joy!
Thank you for all the support and I am grateful
 to be able to share this all with you.